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Welcome to the document management application. This application provides organizations and individuals access to:

  1. Washington state native plant educational materials
    These documents include handouts, presentations, and lesson plans that pertain to plants native to the state of Washington.
  2. Lake Wilderness Arboretum educational materials
    These documents include handouts, presentations, and lesson plans that relate to the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.
  3. Adaptable Administrative documents
    These documents support business activities that my be relevant your organization. They can be used as-is or tailored by you for use within your organization. Included in this set of documents are templates and/or procedures for business cards, thank you notes, and event announcements.
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Documents on this site are designed for reuse. Use them as is, or tailor them to your specific needs. Documents on this site are in the public domain or may be copied using their Creative Commons Copyright.

All documents are catalogued by document type, keywords, and other meaningful attributes. These attributes allow you to narrow your search when looking for a particular document.

Some documents catalogued in the document database are stored on the website while other documents are stored elsewhere on the Internet. The document database does not store the document itself; rather, it keeps a link (URL) pointing to a document which can be anywhere on the Internet. Should you want to add a catalog entry to the document database, please contact the system administrator at the email shown below.

The web-based document management application is a general purpose application that can be applied to any domain. Contact the system administrator if you would like to get a copy of the software.


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